Itegrated Pre-press Department

As a full service printer, BrochureGraphics® has created an integrated pre-press department centered around the Rampage work flow. Rampage is a very robust and stable system that allows us to accept both PC and Mac files of any size and from almost any mainstream software application. Rampage processes your files only once, regardless of the output devise, so you can be sure that the result is always the same. No more worrying that type will jump or re-wrap once you have approved a proof. Additionally, Rampage's integrated flight check system allows us to address potential file problems early, saving you crucial production time.

Our Epson 7600 digital proofing solution uses 7-color Ultra-chrome ink technology to accurately proof your job. In addition we have a high end Topaz CCD scanner and several retouching stations, staffed by experienced craftsmen, to help bring any difficult idea to life.


The backbone and workhorse of our Pre-Press department is our new Fuji Javelin Thermal Platesetter, which, when combined with the Rampage work flow, allows us to go directly from approved digital files to high quality thermal plates. This means savings of both time and money for our customers.


We also have an integrated archiving and Digital Asset Management system that allows you to easily rerun, update or repurpose any of your jobs or electronic files.

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